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 Affiliate Disclosure For Natural Products 4 You

Hello, I'm Prevail the founder and owner of I am disclosing that is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program. A program that is designed to provide a platform for sites to earn an affiliate commission by promoting, advertising, or linking to

I have included products and affiliate links to and other affiliate sites on which I would earn an affiliate commission on any purchase. My goal is to educate people on a topic related to Natural Products and herbs, the Importance of health and wellbeing, Why to avoid chemically refined products, and how these natural products and herbs positively impact our health.

This site provides valuable, productive, and important information and guidance on various natural products and herbs, Its positive impact on health, and differentiates with refined products. I provide this information in different ways or format such as:
  • Individual Product Articles.
  • Multiple Products Articles.
  • Product Comparative Articles.
  • Top 10, 20, .. Type Articles.
  • Season-wise Products Article.
  • Products Health Benefits Articles.
I include products and affiliate links in these articles and other pages of this site. 

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